How Is the Plight of Women in Middle Eastern Societies Portrayed in “from Sleep Unbound” and “Osama”?

Topics: Asia, Middle East, Marriage Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: May 20, 2012
How is the plight of women in Middle Eastern societies portrayed in “From Sleep Unbound” and “Osama”?

Women in Middle Eastern societies have a history of suffering and hardship. Their society dictates them to be inferior to men in almost all ways, and they can be seen as prisoners, since they are trapped behind a wall of servitude to the men. Both Samya’s and Osama’s difficulties show frightening similarities in how they develop throughout both the film and the novel. Marriage plays a gargantuan role in Middle Eastern society. It is of utmost importance for women to be married off at a young age. “Our cousin Souraya is over twenty and she’s not yet married! Her brothers are so embarrassed they hardly dare to show their faces in society!” Samya’s cousin is almost shunned by her family, while society around her completely disapproves of how old she is and that she hasn’t been married yet. Marriage at the time was rarely for love, and more for financial gain and social status. “Our affairs are going badly. If that gets around you’ll never find a husband” Samya’s father informs her casually that she is about to be married to someone she may not love just for the sake of keeping the family’s wealth intact. Barren women are very frowned upon, because their incapability to produce an heir strikes deep within the Middle Eastern society. “I was barren, and they didn’t trust barren women.” Even Samya’s friends inside the village believe that infertility is something horrible and they become very cautious around Samya. Boys are favored over girls in every circumstance, since girls are viewed as burdens which must someday be married off. Religion also plays a key role in the plight of women, since several extremist groups such as the Taliban as seen in Osama have very harsh views on how women should portray themselves in society, and failure to do so results in extremely severe punishment. The women must cover themselves from head to toe without a single fraction of skin...
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