How Is Odysseus' Journey Home a Metaphor for the Course of the Human Life?

Topics: Odysseus, Odyssey, Ithaca Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Essay: How is Odysseus’ journey home a metaphor for the course of human life?
The ideal life is long. Life is filled with positive periods, negative periods, and generally speaking, revolves around one main goal. That goal may be reaching heaven, or simply living life fulfilling the person idea of being the best person possible. Odysseus’ journey home in The Odyssey is a metaphor for the course of human live because the journey is variously filled with “good times,” the road is long and full of adventure, and Odysseus’ ultimate goal is arriving at his heaven, Ithaca.

There are many summer mornings or “good times” that Odysseus faces during his voyage. Odysseus and his crew stayed with Kirke on her island for a full year. Slumber was long and every meal was a feast. People face relaxation periods in everyday life when on the weekend, vacation, and holidays. As written in the poem, “Then pray… that the summer mornings are plenty.” Summer mornings are the happiest times faced in the course of life. The course of life itself is long, as well is Odysseus’ journey. He meets new peoples such as the Kyklopes, Lastragonians, and Phaiakians and sees new places such as the underworld, Calypso’s island and Aiolia Island. Life is commonly said to flash before eyes and be gone before known. Therefore, it is important to cherish life and intend it to be long and satisfying, even when it gets difficult. As said in the poem, “Then pray that the road is long and full of adventure, full of knowledge.” Although he must undergo many, Odysseus gains incredible knowledge and adventure overcoming his hardships and obstacles and each one leads him one step closer to his ultimate goal. Most living beings work toward something, whether it is success, love, revenge, or just basic fulfillment or happiness. People work toward a goal that personally is felt to fulfill their purpose in existence. Sometimes that itself is enough, but depending on religion and belief, this will ultimately...
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