How is Logical Symbolic Thought and Language Encoded in the Brain

Topics: Cerebrum, Logic, Frontal lobe Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: February 22, 2011
How is logical symbolic thought and language encoded in the brain? A possibility is that the language centers in the STS (superior temporal sulcus), parietal association cortex, and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex communicate with one another during logical brain operations involving symbolic thought. The superior tempral sulcus, both anterior and posterior, plays some roles in social cognition and self concept. It also helps process speech and reading signals. It clearly plays a role in human language. The inferior frontal gyrus or Broca’s area has a use in motor plans of speech. The Wernicke area in the anterior inferior gyrus of the parietal lobe is involved in sensory reception of speech, ie. Speech processing. The latter is related to the supramarginal gyrus of the inferior parietal lobe. The area buried in STS is unique in being involved in language processing. My hypothesis 1 is that these three areas play a role which together brings some amazing results. To determine this, I plan on using event related fMRI imaging of human subjects during computational tasks. Prefrontal cortex seems heavily dependent upon reward and memory recollection based on reason and emotional cues.

Hypothesis 2 is Logical Premise P leads to Logical Premise Q which in turn leads to Logical Premise R. This schematic is one, two, and three step logical thinking. The Premises can be anything such as steps in a logical sequence scheme or those in a three step mathematical problem. Roger Carpenter sets this up as a summary of Wittgenstein’s thinking in the final chapter of his book Neurophysiology 4th edition. Carpenter points out that the PQR cluster of 3 neurons, 3 columns, or 3 modules is involved in 3 step processing or three step thinking. It is possible in thinking, deduction, neurotransmission in 3 or more cell net points to end up back at the origin or original command/integrator neurons. The PQR schematic has a logic space in the form of a table....
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