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How Is Liver Cancer Rising to Be the Main Cause of Death for Mala...

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How Is Liver Cancer Rising to Be the Main Cause of Death for Malaysians

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  • October 2011
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Malaysia, albeit the political and economic meltdown a couple of years ago, is a relatively safe country. However, what most people do not realize is that it also provides a very cozy environment for chronic diseases. Indeed, such health problems have been bothering Malaysians for decades. In fact, most people are already aware of illnesses like heart attack, stroke, and breast cancer. What surprises health agencies around the nation is that many have little idea about the very existence and prevention of liver cancer. It is no wonder why liver cancer is starting to pick up its pace in haunting the nation, and it is all the more important for Malaysians to have a better grasp of knowledge about this illness. The number of liver cancer cases has been on a rapid rise globally as well as in Malaysia, and the rate increases every year. According to the World Health Organization, it is currently the sixth most common and the third deadliest cancer in the world. For Malaysia, it has grown from a relatively unknown disease to be the tenth most fatal cancer among men and 15th among women. It is, without a doubt, a serious issue to look into, yet most people are oblivious to its seriousness. It is thus quintessential to increase the public awareness about the disease. In order to look deeper into the problem, it is important to know how the liver functions in the human body. To quote the words from Datuk Dr Nor Shahidah Khairullah, chief executive officer of the Malaysian Liver Foundation (Lim, 2010): “(Liver cancer) is dangerous because the liver is our powerhouse, when it comes to internal organs. It stores all your energy and vitamins, nourishes you by manufacturing amino acids (building blocks of proteins), secretes hormones and bile, and helps to emulsify the fats in your body. So, it’s an organ that is virtually life itself.” If one studies human biology, he should know that no part of the nervous system is within the liver. So, according to Datuk Dr Shahidah, the...

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