How Is Illegal Immigration Affecting the American Society

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Calvin 1
Niquita Calvin
Professor Catterson
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23 March 2013

How is illegal immigration affecting the American Society
To understand Immigration laws we must first understand what makes a person an immigrant. When people say immigrant or immigration most Americas automatically think of some one of Hispanic background. According to the definition someone from Cuba, Africa, Korea, or even Japan are all considered immigrants. So why does it seem like the political parties want the American people to only consider Hispanics when speaking about immigration? We have a lot of Immigrant laws that are set into place that will target people of Hispanic background such as the education laws that stop Hispanic children from furthering their education past high school, and the labor laws that stop a lot of Hispanic’s from gaining meaningful employment. People will say that Immigration laws are put into place to protect the United States from being over ran by illegal immigrants. They will also say that the more illegal immigrants that are here in the United States the less jobs for the legal citizens that have the right to be here. But if you look at what laws are restricting the individuals to do, such as labor laws which forces immigrants to take under the table jobs for less wages or the school laws which do not allow immigrant children who were brought in this country at young ages from furthering their educations, I feel that those are directly targeting Hispanics immigrants. I feel that Calvin 2

these laws maybe put into places because of the growing population of Hispanics in the United States. This forces the American people to get defensive about what they feel maybe be taken from them. In turn, this makes it hard for society to accept the changes in the work environment. I feel that not only should we allow them to gain citizenship by upholding and abiding by the United States laws for a certain amount of years but that their children should be able to further their education beyond high school. And I do understand where they are coming from but in my option immigrants legal or illegal do not take jobs from the American people. Immigrants legal or illegal take jobs that legal citizens of the United States of America will never want. Immigrants take jobs as farmers, carpenters, housekeepers and child care providers. These are jobs that most Americans feel are beneath them. In a recent study released on March 28th, 2013 done by Pew Research Center, 71% of Americans agreed that their should be a way for them to stay legally. Out of that 71%, 43% felt that they should be able to become citizens and 24% felt that they should be eligible for permanent residency (, 2013). If so many Americans feel this way then why are their so many laws preventing these things from happening? The employment industry and education are the two biggest issues when it comes to immigrants and how Americans feel that they are affected.

After the enacting House Bill 87, a law that was used to get rid of illegal immigrants in Georgia, in 2011 Georgia hired 2,000 unemployed criminals and college students to fill the positions that were held by illegal immigrants that were lost to crop land, most of the crop rotted. (Mataconis, 2011). After hiring these unemployed criminals Calvin 3

for a higher salary than what they were paying the illegal immigrants these farmers lost most of their crops for the season because Americans did not want to finish the job. Mataconis did not mention in his article wether or not the people complained of harsh work environments but think about if you were out in the hot sun for hours harvesting crops, would you not complain? I know that I would. Not many Americans would do a job such as harvest crops or clean dirty bathrooms with out complaining about something, whether it is the heat or a smell. Who can do you call to cut your grass? I never hear someone saying “Casimir is cutting my grass...
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