How Is Cursive Desppearing

Topics: Writing, Cursive, Mental confusion Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: March 26, 2013
The cursive handwriting is disappearing from many schools and the global economy requires students to be prepared to type. In “Cursive, shmursive,” Minny Marm says, that cursive is getting disappearing from many school because the students are require to be prepared for the computer, and it also says that there are some strong arguments about teaching cursive. Cursive is easier for children to learn first because it only requires three movements, but for printing is harder because it requires more than five movements, it also says that cursive improves spelling skills and reduce the confusion of several letters. Writing in cursive also improves your reading skills. One of the most important skills that it has to be in cursive is signing our names. In this essay I would give some reason of why it is important for children to learn cursive and some of the benefit of it.

One of the reason is that learning cursive is better for children because they develop better skills in spelling and it also improves your reading skills and it is good because students do not need to lift the pen from the page when they are writing in cursive, those students who writes in cursive usually writes more faster and more easily in cursive than print. When you write in cursive you can take notes faster, it also help you to put your words in order. It is an easy way for the children because they get confused when they are writing in print because they don’t know when to leave space for the next word. My littler cousin has her first year in school and they are teaching her how to write in cursive, but one day I was teaching her how to writes her name correctly, so as I am a print writer, I was teaching her how to write her name in print and she didn’t put the letters in the right place because she got confused and then I told to do it in cursive and she did it perfectly.

Another reason is that it helps students refine fine motor skills, and it increases the eye-hand coordination and...
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