How Is College Different from High School

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Never in a million years did I think college would come so soon. It just seems like the time is flying by, and before I can blink my eyes, I’ll be a graduate. My mother always told me that I better grow up, learn how to do things for myself, and stop depending on her to do everything. Now I see what she meant. College is very different from high school in several different ways. High school is mandatory and usually free. College is voluntary and expensive. Your time in high school is structured by others. In college you manage your own time. You can also depend on your parents and teachers to remind you of your responsibilities and guide you in high school. However, in college you must balance your own responsibilities and set priorities. Being an adult student forces independence on you and make you get rid of your dependent ways. High school is mandatory because without a diploma or GED you cannot move to the next level. You receive free books, meals, and classes. Not in college! You have to pay for everything, and it’s expensive. Most students take high school for granted because they don’t understand the importance of the materials and teachings that are given for free, but when you attend college, students become more appreciative. Students seem to complain about everything in high school. However in college you get what you pay for. In grade school, your time is structured by others, whereas in college you manage your own time. You choose what time you want to take your classes, study, and even decided the type of organizations you want to be a part of. Many times in grade school your parents picked activities for you that they felt would be best for you. For example, my mother was a part of every organization her high school had, so she felt like I should do the same. I’m more of a worker and getting paid on the outside of school so we always bumped heads there. While you attended high school your parents would often wake you up because they never wanted...
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