How Is Cassius Dangerous

Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Caesar says that men like Cassius are “very dangerous”. Analyse how Shakespeare presents Cassius’ character and behavior in act one of the play and say whether or not the audience is encouraged to agree with Caesars’ judgment.

Shakespeare presents Cassius as dangerous in many ways. For instance, through out act one he is talking to Brutus about Caesar, behind his back. Shakespeare has portrayed Cassius like he is deceiving and if he often back stabs people, who else is he back stabbing. This shows us that Cassius is not very polite and always describing him like he wants something, commenting on Caesar and judging him. Caesar describes him as someone who” thinks too much” meaning he is thinking of bad things and ways to usurp him.

Cassius boasts to Brutus about him saying Caesar called out to me “help me Cassius, or I sink” when Cassius saved him it shows that he is powerful, although he may feel like Caesar owes him something because he saved his life. If Cassius hadn’t saved him would he be where Caesar is today? Would the people be cheering for him? This makes Cassius a huge threat to Caesar. He is described as “hungry” Hungry for power. Shakespeare gives off the effect Cassius want’s revenge. This is backed up by the quote “this man has become a god, and Cassius is a wretched creature, and must bend his body” This implies that Cassius want’s more, that Caesar is in debt to him and Cassius should be treated better and not having to “bow” to Caesar. As he is speaking in third person he is almost telling it like a story, so that even he has pity on “Cassius” It is like Cassius is removing his personal views from the story and Brutus can no longer have the excuse that Cassius has something personal against him.

Cassius calls Caesar “a sick girl” this is a horrible insult and has numerous effects to it. It suggests Cassius thinks that Caesar is somewhat feminine and could be weak, like women were thought to be in those days. In roman times, it would have...
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