How Information Flows in an Organization

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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How Information Flows in an Organization

How Information Flows in an Organization
Information flows all over the golf course industry, from e-mails of employee records and payroll, to chemical application records and weather data. Until I decided to further my education and pursue a degree in information technology I always took for granted what happens when someone hits the send button. I am employed by a golf course management company; we are hired by the golf courses to provide a cost effective approach to maintaining their golf course. As a management company we have golf courses located throughout the United States, in order to keep everyone “on the same page” we need a system to control the flow of our information. I really do not know the full spectrum of the IT aspect of our company, one thing I do know is that we are all connected by a centralized database. My company uses a Citrix server as a platform for us all to log onto. All of our e-mails, employee records, payroll data, reports, and budget information is transmitted and stored at our servers at our corporate offices. I have never been to the corporate offices so I have no idea what we are using. At my local course I use a local computer with internal storage for things like employee reviews, agronomic planners, and other non-informational forms. We also have a second computer that is connected to the golf course irrigation system. This computer controls the flow of water, stores different watering schedules, and stores past water usage and weather history. It is connected to the internet via a router to allow for remote access. There is really no classified or important information stored on the irrigation computer so just the firewall that was pre-installed on the computer is used. To access the irrigation computer remotely we just need to enter a PIN to show correct credentials to gain access the central program once...
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