How Important Was Woodrow Wilson in Determining the Terms of the Tov?

Topics: Treaty of Versailles, Woodrow Wilson, World War I Pages: 3 (1267 words) Published: April 15, 2013
How important was Woodrow Wilson in determining the terms of the treaty of Versailles? Woodrow Wilson was part of the big 3. The big three was made up of the Wilson (USA), Clemenceau (France), and Lloyd George (Britain¬) and they were who dominated the January 1919 peace conference held in Paris. As Wilson was a very religious man, his aim was simply to create peace; he was trying to create a treaty that would be the end of all wars. However he noticed that his allies would have preferred the terms of the treaty if they specifically benefited their nations, and punished Germany. To get Wilsons views heard was always going to be difficult. “England and France have not the same views with respect to peace that we have by any means” Although both Lloyd George and Clemenceau have different views to each other they agreed that Wilsons views were far too soft, and did not punish Germany enough. However Clemenceau and Lloyd George 9especially Clemenceau) would have wanted revenge more than Wilson for they had been fighting for a longer period of time. “The worst fighting took place in France. During four and a half years of savage warfare, an area larger than Wales was totally ruined.” Says historian Josh Brooman, in 1985. And Lloyd George was eager to please his country for the people of Britain wanted to punish germany. “in December 1918 his (Lloyd George) government won a massive election victory by promising to ‘squeeze the German lemon till the pips squeak’. The british blamed the germans for the war and wanted to make them pay; some even suggested that the Kaiser should be hanged” this made Wilson very different to them, his unselfish demands were not liked by the rest of the big 3. Wilson had also previously introduced his 14 points, which he thought would create and maintain peace he explained “It is the principle to all people and all nationalities, whether they be strong or weak. Without this principle there can be no international justice”. Wilson was...
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