How Important Was the Political Situation in Ireland in Influencing English Politics During the Period of 1640-1642?

Topics: Charles I of England, Long Parliament, Ireland Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: February 14, 2013
How important was the political situation in Ireland in influencing English politics during the period of 1640-1642?

Events regarding Ireland were important, but qualifications have to be made to them so as to understand the atmosphere of English politics between 1640-1642. The Irish rebellion in 1641 was the pivotal factor that made Charles completely fall out with Parliament. The Irish Revolt was definitely an important reason why the Civil War happened. The graphic pictures of Catholics brutally torturing and killing people in Ireland had dramatically added to their hostile image in the eyes of the English puritans. The Catholics were already feared but the speculative events in Ireland made that fear event more prominent. Conspiracy was an important political aspect by which Charles earned an unfavourable image when calling for Irish military assistance earlier to fight the Scots. Disputes between King and Parliament as to who should be in control of the army for putting down the revolt had soured the political mood even greater seeing as the King was defending his royal prerogatives of both the military and foreign policy. The Grand Remonstrance is a key factor in the development of the political situation because this document written by Pym in 1641 was, what effectively, divided Parliament into two sides. Nevertheless, the Scottish Crisis of 1640 was also significant because had it not happened the Grand Remonstrance would never have been proposed by Digby in the 1640 Long Parliament and would not have taken direct effect later in 1641.

The vast speculation that took place about the brutal torturing and the scale on which the massacres happened was all part o the multiple conspiracies that started the Irish Rebellion. As a result, it hugely affected the political situation in England when the Charles and Parliament had a dispute about who should control the army to put down the uprising. Charles’ was made even more unpopular in Ireland by...
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