How Important Is Tecnology in Our Life? Is It Good or Bad

Topics: Personal life, Technology, Mower Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: August 10, 2012
Technology has converted a part of our lives. Decide if this issue is or not positive for life is a controversial one. A lot of people consider influence of technology has improved the quality of life in different aspects. Others think that technology is out of human control and they perceive different effects in modern life. I believe that influence technology has made a really positive chanced such as daily life, medicine, and education. In the next lines I’ll explain my point of view. First of all, there is a big contribution technology in daily life. Every person increases their roles in society in the last times; technology greatly reduces the time it takes to perform lives everyday tasks. Daily chores such as mowing the grass or doing the dishes have been reduced from hours to minutes with the invention of the automatic dishwasher and gas powered lawn mower. It take less time to do it than before and its permits to people to dedicate this time to other activities such as study, working or spend time with their own family. Secondly, Daily live is benefited by advances of technology, and also professional fields are improved by it. A professional field that is enhanced by technology is Medicine. Thanks to advances in technology, many diseases that before were the cause of massive death, now are things of the past. With the advances in technology, scientists and doctors find different vaccines to help people. The medical equipment's advances help to be healthy, such as surgery in a way that was never possible before. Nowadays, it is routine to get a heart replacement, which in the past this situations was just impossible. Most importantly, we can see how scientist are in the process of looking for the solution to current diseases, and this will be possible, with the use of advanced medical technology. Finally, another contribution technology is in the field of education. The advances in technology...
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