How Important Is Nature in Society?

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‘How important do you consider nature to be in our society?’

Our British society, which is growing evermore materialistic, is becoming more and more insistent on disregarding its reliance on nature in favour of celebrating technology. As our manipulation of nature is now quite apparent, our relationship with it has become indirect; but it is still very much existent and of extreme importance, however much we fail to admit it. This essay will explore the extents of which we manipulate nature and how it has become a vital tool to fuel our comfortable lifestyles while the public continue to show a general disregard towards it.

As we began to veer away from our rural lives orientated by natural daylight in favour of developing technology, we have now reached a stage of being independent of the seasons. Instead, we use artificial light to optimise our working hours, and have found ourselves sacrificing the extra hours of sleep that industrialists would probably have had. We also use artificial heating, so the transition between warm and cold weather is less noticeable; we are now more likely to switch on the heating in autumn than putting on an extra few layers of clothing.

In relation to providing food for our society, we now have greenhouses, and other artificial farming techniques, along with importing foods which would not normally be available all year round. Through our self-centred efforts to increase our own comfort, it’s as if we have said to nature, ‘we like some aspects of you, so we’ll exploit your benefits enough to meet our own high standards of comfort.’ In order to maximise the efficiency of our working lives and increase the comfort in our spare time, we have begun to disregard nature’s importance completely. And why should we, as it only keeps us alive, provides us with our food and the majority of our other resources? We also forget the benefits nature does for our health, because material things which improve one’s social status are of...
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