How Important Is Attractiveness

Topics: Physical attractiveness, Male, Gender Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: February 6, 2013
How important is Attractiveness
In today’s society attractiveness is a key impression to people around the world. Most people when they first notice someone, they look at their attractiveness. “The general topic of attractiveness is important to members of virtually every culture, especially to the young who seek romantic partners and to those who seek to extend their influence in society through contacts with others.”(Hager) When someone notices a person they will probably look at their face, attitude, and how they dress to see how attractive they are. If a good looking person was glancing at somebody else, they would want to talk to a similar or more attractive person. If they see someone less attractive than them, they probably wouldn’t want to talk or be seen with them. “Such ratings or opinions depend partly on inherent physical attractiveness of the facial features and partly on other factors, for example, how these features are “packaged” or presented.”(Hager) If an attractive person is talking to people that are less attractive to that particular person, the more attractive person can make the others look more attractive by just standing next to them. That situation is called the “Halo Effect”. “Across many studies, involving a variety of characteristics , including intelligence, sincerity, masculinity, femininity, and independence, it was physical attractiveness that overwhelmed everything else as the best predictor of how well a person would be liked after a first meeting.”(Zimbardo) There have been studies involving males and females together. One fact that studies have found out is that the more your with someone, the more attractive they are and that is called the “Mere Exposure”. Another fact studies have found is called the “Matching Hypothesis” and that is when the more someone has in common; the more attractive they are to you. While male and females are strongly influenced by physical attractiveness, men seem to be more influenced by looks...
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