How Immigrants Create Jobs

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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How Immigrants Create Jobs
`For many years Americans have addressed the issue of immigrants as a threat to the economy as they take away jobs from natives of the United States. People state that immigrants will work for lower wages and in worse conditions than a native, which makes them more desirable to employ. But, is this assumption accurate? Or do immigrants actually create jobs and help the economy of the United States? Research is now stating that immigration and unemployment are unrelated. Immigrants actually create jobs and boost the economy by purchasing goods from native businesses and by creating their own businesses (Value Added). These are just two examples of how immigrants help to create jobs in the United States. They also tend to compliment native workers as they are skilled in different areas and a small wage increase happens for the native workers because of this. Immigrants are more likely than a native to get an education in science and math programs. According to Tamar Jacoby in her article “Most Immigrants Create Jobs” she states, “60 to 70 percent of the students in American computer science and electrical engineering graduate programs are foreign-born” (Jacoby). America cannot afford to allow these immigrants with such great skill to work in competing countries. Immigrants help create jobs with their purchasing power, ability and likeness to create businesses, and with their specialized skills that compliment that of a native worker. Immigrants boost the demand for local goods and services, allowing for more jobs to be created. It is quite simple. The more immigrants, the more money spent on American made goods. This calls for a higher demand of goods, which creates more jobs for those goods to be produced. Immigrants put money back into the United States economy by using their wages earned to purchase items such as food, clothing, cars, etc. Businesses see this relationship between new workers and more money being spent, so they...
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