How Hitler Lost the War

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: February 7, 2013
As an influential, forceful person, Adolf Hitler used his articulate speech to empower the Nazi political party. Hitler received complete power as the Chancellor of Germany, after passing the Enabling Act. He utilized the totalitarian power to create the Third Reich, and through military moves and a propaganda movement headed by Joseph Goebbels, he made a great impact on the Germany’s citizens. Hitler influenced the Germans into sharing a deep sentiment of nationalism, and the significance of the Aryan, or “master,” race. With this widespread attitude and the mobilization of the German military, Hitler spearheaded the second world war. Despite the positive contributors to the German force, Hitler’s many mistakes hindered the armies’ ability to win the war. This included his impulsive demeanor and irresolute tendencies, his errors at Dunkirk, France, and his attack on Ukraine.

One significant error made by Hitler occurred when he chose to alternate from bombing the RAF, targeting civilians in British cities instead. This gave the RAF the time and space needed to recuperate, and they were able to recover. Hitler had lost a chance to beat the RAF, since they had been growing weak under the German attack, and would most likely have been done for if the bombing on the RAF had continued. The lack of rest of the Luftwaffe combined with the determination of the British forces brought the Battle of Britain to a stalemate. This terminated the might German air force, and prevented the Germans from completing Operation Sea Lion, a plan to invade England amphibiously, with minimal resistance. With the completion of the operation, the United States would have been less protected from a Nazi invasion.

Another of Hitler’s most grievous mistakes was made in his decision at Dunkirk. The Allies experienced a great deal of fear about a German attack through Belgium after the downfalls of the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, and Denmark to the Germans. The Allies dealt with the...
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