How Hip Hop Negatively Affects Society

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  • Published : April 23, 2007
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"Hip-hop and Videos: Negatively Affecting Society and Youth Through Music"
.Emerging in the 1970s in the South Bronx of New York, hip hop took America by storm, becoming one of the fastest growing genres. Hip hop is not only rapping, but an entire lifestyle that consistently incorporates diverse elements of ethnicity, technology, art, and urban life. However progressing into the 21st century, hip hop has took a tremendous turnaround and instead of providing a forum where hip hop once allowed for individuals to express their creativity and struggles through everyday life hip hop has become a negative target. Not only in videos, but hip hop lyrics as well; this has had a negative effect on society and youth because these individuals begin to portray what they hear and see thus seemingly making hip hop the background for the behavior. One such example of music negatively affecting society and youth would be Nelly's popular video "Tip drill", which has scantly clad women, profane language, and explicit acts. This was perhaps one of his highest money making videos of all time. It was so explicit that the video was only aired on BET's late night show, "Uncut". The "Tip drill" video, for some happens to be a form of expression. On the other hand, others think it is a disgrace. However, to say that the video has no effect on society and youth would certainly be an understatement. Often times, what society sees on television becomes their reality; when society see videos that condone illegal or high-risk activities such as violence, sexual references, and drugs they begin to imitate these images because they believe these are the right things. Thus, it can easily be stated that hip and videos are leaving a negative effect on society and youth through its explicit content, women as sexual objects, and the degrading language. When society and youth hear or think about explicit content one probably thinks about something they shouldn't hear or see, but it simply means...
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