How High Heels Affect the Body

Topics: Foot, Knee, High-heeled footwear Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: April 28, 2013
All women love high heels, pumps and stilettos, all colors, shapes, and sizes. Although they are known to hurt the feet, women still wear them faithfully. High heels make women feel sexy, tall, and slimmer, but thats just a few different feelings women have while wearing them. But can all these high fashion ideas be bad for for the feet and the body? Most doctors today, say yes. Wearing high heels can cause foot pain, foot deformities, and effect back posture. Even with the knowledge of all these negative affects, women still wear them faithfully.

Some women know that heels hurt their feet, so its obvious that most of the problems with heels are the feet. The first and most common problem from heels are ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails occur when the toes are compressed and the big toenail grows into the skin. The second most common malady is that high heels can also cause ankle pain due to the poor support of the footwear. Every woman knows the pain of an all nighter at the club that heels put on the ankles. The third most common problem with high heels are foot deformities. One of the most common deformity is Bunions. These deformities happen because of the displacement of the bone under the big toe and causes the big toe to move towards the smaller toes.

The effects of high heels are not limited to just the feet and ankles, they can also cause problems in the calf muscles and tendons. High heels put more of a strain on the calf by using more of the muscles than the tendons in the rest of the leg. High heel can reshape the calf muscles and most women find that once they take off high heels it is uncomfortable to walk right without them. The strain high heels put on the calf muscles also require more energy to cover walking the same amount of ground as people in flat shoes without heels.

High heels can affect the knees as well. High heels increase knee joint pressure, which used over a long period of time can cause osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the...
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