How Have the Common Features of Spoken Communication Been Adapted in This on-Line Conversation.

Topics: English language, Oxford English Dictionary, Abbreviation Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: December 6, 2011
IWD had changed over a long period of time, affecting the way we speak and write. More than 100,0000 texts are sent everyday and people use different terms to communicate by using emotions and slang. Although IWD is very popular the changes cause a great criticism amongst the public.

Mr. Brightside! uses openings to start his sentence and Cailyn uses closings to end it which is similar to spoken language. For example Mr. Brightside! says ‘Heyy’ and Cailyn says ‘brb need to well u know. brb’. Openings are a common feature in spoken and online communication it is used to be polite and in a starting of a conversation. Closings are also similar to openings and are used to indicate that they are leaving the conversation. Cailyn uses the closing by informing the chat room that they are leaving but will return to the conversation later on.

Kuntry89 uses repeated vowels and accent stylisations to address another person. ‘sweeeeeeeeet’. This shows Kuntry89 was excited or even happy and expressed it by using extra vowels to address the person, the other feature accent stylisation gives personality to the sender.

Cailyn used capital letters and ILife used non-fluency features. ‘CAUSE NEITHER DOES I’ and ‘mmmmmmmmm’. These examples show that Cailyn was using capital letters to indicate that they were speaking loudly or even shouting it and as for ILife who used non-fluency features to show that they were think or even using it to buy time and used fillers like ‘mmmmmmmm’ to fill in their pause. Linda Ullah says ‘Every generation has developed its own slang.’

ScarcasticDots uses grammar and vocabulary when writing. ‘I was thinking of changing my name to Ellipses’. This suggests that ScarcasticDots doesn’t always use slang and IWD features to communicate with others but can actually write in full sentences and makes it easier to understand what they are trying to say. People may assume that texting is bad for children but in actual fact texting makes children in...
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