How Have Advancements in Technology Affected Dance and Dance Companies?

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How have advancements in technology affected dance and dance companies?

For millions of years Humans have been developing technology. As human’s we are on the peak of change moving from and analogue world to a digital one. This creates vast amounts of opportunities in the entertainment industry none more so than Dance. Although some traditional dance has kept to its roots there has been some major advancements effected by technology. Dance companies have almost been revolutionised by the use of modern technology, with the ability to show work to a vast audience and communicate more efficiently. It is not possible to say when dance was invented or when it became part of human culture, but it has been since before the birth of the earliest human civilizations. There is evidence on cave walls paintings of dancing and this gives us interdiction that it is ritual in which we have indulged in since the begging of mankind. Although dance has developed over thousands of years with the advancements of music technology has only really started to effect dance in the last hundred years.

“I truly believe in necessity being the mother of invention. All the dancers know how difficult and tiring it has become to work with the live orchestra.” G Narendra, July 21, 2002

I feel the biggest advancement is recorded music, this gives dancers the now taken for granted opportunity for practice anytime without need of musicians. This in turn affected cost of professional dance as musicians would not have to be paid. Also effected dance culture as public could now take the ‘dance halls home with them’ to either practice or just dance at home. When recording was first invented vibrations were recorded onto wax cylinders, quality was poor and volume low. But as technology has advanced the introduction of sound equipment has increased. LP were the first main steam media for playing music and has now progressed to digital. Not only has the advancement of digital removed need...
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