How Hate Caused Major Events in Romeo and Juliet

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  • Published : April 26, 2012
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How Hate Caused Major Events in Romeo and Juliet|
Anthony Perez|
Mrs. Barnes English Honors Third Period|


From the very beginning of this tragic play, hate is shown by various characters of both the Montague house and the Capulet house. The Montague’s and the Capulet’s are both wealthy families and have a feud that continues to grow throughout the years. Their hate against each other has even grown upon the servants of the house. In Act I, scene I, when Benvolio tries to break up a fight between servants, Tybalt who is a Capulet challenges Benvolio to a fight and says, “What, drawn, and talk of peace? I hate the word, As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee. Have at thee, coward!” Here Tybalt lets Benvolio know how much he hates him as well as his entire family, the Montagues. This leads them to fight. Another example of what happens later on that night, when Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio agree on assisting the Capulet party; Romeo wanders off and finds Juliet. Not knowing Tybalt was near him starts to describe Juliet. Tybalt says in Act I, scene v, “This, by his voice, should be a Montague. (to his PAGE) Fetch me my rapier, boy.—What, dares the slave, Come hither, covered with an antic face, To fleer and scorn at our solemnity? Now, by the stock and honor of my kin, To strike him dead I hold it not a sin.” Angered by Romeo’s presence, he wants to kill him. Lord Capulet’s forbid Tybalt of causing a fight and Tybalt leaves saying to himself he will have Romeo pay for what he has done. (Act I, scene v)

In Act III, scene I, after Tybalt kills Mercutio and then Romeo kills Tybalt, Prince Escalus asks Benvolio who started the fight and he says it was Tybalt. As to why Lady Capulet says, “He is a kinsman to the Montague. Affection makes him false. He speaks not true. Some twenty of them fought in this black strife, And all those twenty could but kill one life. I beg for justice, which thou, Prince, must...
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