How Has Twitter Changed the World

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  • Published : January 6, 2011
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Twitter is a website owned and operated by Twitter Inc, launched in the year of 2006. Founded by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Briz Stone. It offers social networking and micro-blogging service which allows users to send and read other user's messages which are also called as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user's profile page. It is visible to public by default, however users can restrict message delivery to their friend's list. Users may subscribe to other tweets - this is known as following and subscribers are known as followers.

The main purpose only for Twitter is to post anything which they only ask us one thing, “What are you doing?” We have the freedom to post anything on Twitter, but not abusive types which may lead us to bad feedbacks from the other followers and members. Though Twitter veterans may remember the original question as being "What Are You Doing?" - this was changed in 2009. More than any other social network, Twitter has managed to work itself in our daily language. Not only has "Twitter" worked its way into our vocabulary, but "tweeting" (the act of updating twitter), "tweeple" (Twitter people) and "twits" (Twitter users) have also seemed to slide in there as well.

According to Steven Johnson, at first it was said that one thing for sure is it would take a terrible first impression. Why does the world exactly need this? It's not as if we were all sitting around four years ago scratching our heads and saying, "If only there were a technology that would allow me to send a message to my 50 friends, alerting them in real time about my choice of breakfast cereal." Before twitter came, blogging was the famous one. But what people was worried about was the threat that blogging posed to our attention span, with telegraphic, two-paragraph blog posts replacing long-format articles and books. With Twitter, Williams was launching a communications platform that limited you to a couple of sentences at...
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