How Has the Language of the Text Been Influenced by Technology?

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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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How has the language of the text been influenced by technology? Technology has changed vastly over time. Now language is being influenced “faster and better than before, across 3g” and its changing language as we know it. Text messaging has changed the face of communication completely giving us the ability to “talk” instantly and giving a vast nhe whole of time, from great carvings on dingy cave walls, to the printing press in the 15th centuryew lexical and grammatical look on language…for better or for worse. From the text we’ve been given we can clearly see the effects of technology on language, but not just this, an effect on people lifestyle to a vast level; from young children aged 13 to older generations, struggling to cope with the change. My first thought when I read the title of the essay was abbreviations. One of the biggest and most consistent things you see through texts messages- yours or examples like in the text- are abbreviations, “wat” or “prson” these abbreviations would suggest to a reader that the sender is shortening these words for an added quickness to the text or making it easier for one to spell by using phonetic spelling, although through this we can see inconsistences even in the same text, where in one instance we have one of the girls texting “u” and “you” in the same message which really actually a lack of grammatical rules in this “created language”. It indicates to me that there is no such clear orthography and really one can do as one pleases which sounds like no one would really ever know what anyone is saying. However we do see a difference between Natalie and Lola and Natalie and Kate (Aunt) where we see as Kate is older she still uses a more grammatically correct approach to texting where she will still say the words “you” “what” and use “?” which when one compares to Natalie we can really see a difference, which further more suggest that the language is also age dependent. A way that the people who text seem to get around...
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