How Has Terrorism Affected Your View of the World? What Actions Could Be Taken to Combat Terrorism?

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  • Published : January 7, 2011
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How has terrorism affected your view of the world? What actions could be taken to combat terrorism? I feel that terrorism has only agitated the public and has had little emotional effect of me. It has however affected people around me, therefore indirectly affecting me. As for combating terrorism, I apparently mean what actions other than the ones currently in effect. There are two actions that may be taken, though both have grim consequences. One could be to have the government to terrorize the countries that harbor terrorists, i.e. bomb churches, airports, etc.( replicate the actions taken against nations by the country in question as to make terrorism and or harboring terrorists a "bad" thing by all nations, putting the terrorists in the open). Apparently the terrorists would be effected by such things seeing as most terrorists still maintain an emotional capacity. They would hopefully feel guilt, or just be in fear such things would happen to their loved ones. This would hopefully persuade them to stop. The second is to do what we are doing. Both cost lives, but one costs fewer. Additional DetailsWhen I say the government, I mean the government highering civilized crime agencies ( a mafia of sorts) to carry out these crimes. Apparently, what we are doing now is less effective, and in the long run will cost more lives. For those that take offense to this, think about it before you make a pejorative remark. Evaluate the scenarios and there positive/negative consequences before making a statement. Hopefully, we will find a method to suppress radicalist behavior and debunk those who machinate such schemes of destruction. Since other organizations will be commiting the "crimes", we will act as a shelter to the people. We will pretend to fight the new "terrorists", which will unite the US with the citizens of countries in question. This will hopefully lead to unity, and erradicate hatred toward the US. Yes, we are not removing the hatred, but we...
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