How Has Television Changed Our Lives?

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Adrian Alla
December 8, 2012
English 4061-3
Joseph Mitchell Marques

Topic: How has television changed our lives?

A. Television

a.) Educational
b.) Entertainment
c.) Informative

II. Positive effects of television
* Gives information for viewers.
* Teach people how to live in their lives.
* To see different cultures.
* Educates people in a precise way.

III. Negative effects of television
* It teaches the children to be stupid by using pranks or comedy. * Shows brutal and violent images that can lead people to kill or destroy someone. * Teach our children to watch restricted shows which can only be viewed for adults. * Teach people how to gamble.

* Teach people how to hack everything.

IV. Television during the past
* It was in black and white color.
* The image quality wasn’t that clear

V. Television in the present
* The image quality is now in coloured
* It has a wide & flat screen.

Adrian Alla
December 8, 2012
English 4061-3
Joseph Mitchell Marques

“How has television changed our lives?”

Television is a popular device today and still spreading worldwide. There were a lot of changes in the late 30’s compare in this era television changed human lives since it came up. A lot of people learned a lesson from it like we know what is going around now in this generation, we know what the weather is or what’s happening outside, we know what are the new & popular music, movies, shows, devices, & other technologies that are still trending in this era.

Like what television does to other people, television changed my life too since the first time I saw it. It teaches me and educates me in different ways just like in school. It helps me to solve my problem in our lesson & make it easier to solve it just like in Math; it teaches me how to solve equations, fractions, decimals, percents, and other Mathematical problems. Also, it teaches me how to speak a...
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