How Has Technology Impacted on the Olympic Games

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How has technology impacted on the Olympic Games?

1. How has technology contributed to the performance levels at the Olympics (5 Marks)

2. The Impact of technology for participants, officials, coaches and spectators (5 Marks)

3. What are the major ethical implications of the use of technology at the Olympics? (5 Marks)

4. In your opinion how will future advancements in technology effect i) Future Olympics
ii) Participant in sport

How much has technology impacted the Olympics? I’d say greatly due to the performance levels of the athletes, the opportunities for the participants, coaches, officials and spectators, the ethical implications and the ongoing breaking of records throughout history. Technology keeps improving and therefore improving the athletes as well so the question is, how far can they go?

1. In the Olympics, technology has contributed to the performance of athletes greatly due to new training techniques through technology and the advancements in technology like clothing, playing surfaces and equipment. Technology has also allowed athletes to recover from injury faster through rehabilitation technology like fitness machines which isolate points of weakness inside the body and creates an exercise which strengthens the point of weakness and therefore helps the athlete lead to a full recovery and even perform better when they return to the sport. In swimming, Speedo, a swimwear company have developed a Fastskin3 Racing System which includes goggles, cap and a suit( shorts for men and full suit for women. This equipment has revolutionized the sport of swimming by offering swimmers a cohesive, hydrodynamic solution to cut through the water with maximum efficiency. “The Speedo FASTSKIN3 Racing System offers unrivalled benefits to swimmers, including a full body passive drag reduction of up to 16.6%, an 11% improvement in the swimmer’s oxygen economy enabling them to swim stronger for longer, and a 5.2% reduction in body active drag , to create the world’s fastest cap, goggle and suit ever.” This is from the Speedo website explaining the technological advancements in the Speedo swimsuits over the years. This combination of the cap, goggles and swimsuit is said to be world’s fastest.

In long distance cycling, the athletes use the latest technological advanced bikes that have light weight frames, large, thin tires (to achieve more distance per pedal and give a smoother ride), comfortable saddles and handlebars, and several gears for going up and down hills. They also use heart rate monitors to track and measure where they should be in the race. In training, the athletes would measure when and where their heart rate should be in the race and then transfer this into the race. Another technology used by long distance cyclists is a simple two way radio which communicates with fellow team mates and the drivers behind the cyclists telling them when a break is coming up or a turn is approaching. The athletes also have a suit, helmet and shoes to wear while riding. The suit, helps the athlete stay dry and cool as well as filtrate sweat off the body. The helmet provides an aerodynamic form reduces wind resistance and obviously provides protection for the head when falling. The shoes the athlete wears provides comfort and grip on the peddles for the long journey.

In Athletics, there are many sports which rely on the technology of the surface, the equipment the athletes use and the clothing they are wearing. In sprinting, the athlete needs light weight shoes like the Lunar Eclipse+2’s which proides maximum comfort and flexibility for the runner. The shoe also provides the added stability for the athlete without the additional weight to the shoe. The suits they wear also affect their performance because they keep the body cool and holds the muscles steady as they run so they don’t pull or send the muscle into spasm. The surface also...
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