How Has Music Marketing Changed over the Years and Where Does the Future of the Music Press Lie?

Topics: Advertising, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Music industry Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: May 21, 2013
In this day and age, technology is developing so rapidly that changes are occurring all across the board. Faster internet, digital photography, and interactive programs are all making advertising and marketing much easier in the ever expanding world of consumerism. With all these new advances, there are bound to be numerous changes.

The music industry is a relatively modern concept. It originated from word of mouth and paper publications back before computers were even thought of. Many people nowadays act for the music press themselves by creating their own blogs/podcasts etc from their own music knowledge they have gained from websites and magazines.

Although there are many technology based music industries there are still some simple publications that are still popular even though they have been around for the past 50 years such as NME magazine. As the music press progressed specific music genre specialisms such as Kerrang and TOTP have been introduced. Also, advertising elements such as billboards and posters still catch our attention as we are walking or driving past one. An eye catching mise en scene or new pictures of our favourite bands induce us to stop what we are doing and take notice in what they are doing or promoting.

This shows how the music press operates according to the basic principles of advertising. For example A.I.D.A. The awareness is raised through apple symbols and artists which we trust to admire, acting as form of celebrity endorsement for the reader or viewer. The press follow the interest in an artist by using aesthetically pleasing photos of them making us aspire to look or be like our idols in the music industry. We cant help to desire to follow our favourite artist on twitter to get all the up to date gossip and information on them. We then take action by buying CD's, gig tickets and merchandise in order to support our favourite bands but also as we aspire to fit in to the changing society. We do what is 'the thing' to do...
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