How Has Cellphones Change Us Socially

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How cellphones change us socially:

As you may already know cellphones in the present day are all most the center. Cell Phones help us to talk to people, and use the the internet all at the touch of a button. Have cellphone really changes us? According to (cell phone there are an estimated 250-300 million cellphones in the u.s. alone, that is at least 10 times more people that are in Warren county alone. people has lost touch with themselves, we would rather Facebook one another than talk face to face and I admit I have done this before ,but we would rather Facetime on our iPads, and iPods, and iPhones then see each other o person. Cell Phones affect most of us ,but who it most effect are the teenagers of this day and age. Studies show that some 45 percent of American 12 to 17 year old already say they have have cellphones, ( that is literally almost have of the teenage population of America. People have problems communication its like we don’t want see each other any more

what type of person doesn’t want to drive 5mins to see their family. Phones are also very addictive people spend hours on facebook or temple run sitting there like mindless zombies,

sometimes you have to get up and do something else with your time instead of wasting it tapping a screen for half of the day.Have you ever notice your behavior while after using your cellphone you start to act really funny you seem to annoyed easily you become very irritable like your mad at the world that's become studies show that using your cell phone for a long period of time also affects your behavior. There is also a good side to cell phone there use to be a time where if you were stranded and your car broke car down on the side of the road you were stuck or your were going to walk to the nearest store then walk back, but now a days alls you got to do is make a call to AAA and they therein and hour or less depending on where you are at the current moment.

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