How Hardwired Human Behavior Is

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  • Published : August 15, 2011
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According to Evolutionary Psychology, although human beings today live in a modern world of advanced systems and technology yet they retain inside them or in their inner traits and habit the mentality coming from their Stone Age ancestors. Evolutionary psychologists point out that there is no significant change in the human brain over the past 100,000 years, and therefore modern man maintains the mind of his Stone Age ancestors. As quoted “you can take the person out of the Stone Age but you can’t take the Stone Age out the person”. This means that a person behaves temporarily based on his present environment, condition and situation but the inner traits are still there and very difficult or can’t be removed. Responses and actions of a person are very temporary depending on the present condition he or she is within. Human beings living and working in today’s modern civilization retain the hardwired mentality in many ways that govern most human behavior up to this day.

For modern managers understanding evolutionary psychology is useful because it provides a new and challenging way to think about human nature. It also offers a basis for understanding why people tend to act as they do in organizational settings. Also it takes into consideration and it recognizes the individual differences caused by a person’s unique general inheritance as well as by personal experience and culture. Hereditary traits cause some people to behave and respond differently from one another. Say a person who has high temperamental makes him reacts furiously to situations that would somehow put him or her to danger or uncomfortable zone. This trait of being high tempered is very difficult to remove from a person’s behavior since this is already incorporated in the genes from conception. People are hardwired to the use of emotions as the first screening for all information received before reason. This means that some people use their emotional instinct in times of making choices and...
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