How Gym Activities and Supplement Helps

Topics: Obesity, Physical exercise, Weight loss Pages: 4 (539 words) Published: May 17, 2013

Does taking supplements help in reducing weight?
› Some peoples have succeeded in reducing

their weight by the help of supplements. But there are also peoples who did not succeed of reducing weight although they used supplements.

There are three types of workout that have been carried out in the gym. › The first one is cardio type, the second one is

lightweight exercise and the last one is the heavyweight exercise.

We can learn more about how obese people have chance to get an ideal BMI (weight) from gym activities and proper supplements. Our focus of study is towards the current gym users who are undergoing fitness and weight loss training. Through the conducted research, we will be able to access the relationship between different gym activities and how those would results in our respondent body mass.

The study objectives are:
› To study various type of gym facilities and their effectiveness. › To learn about how supplement intake aid in weight loss. › To relate how gym activities affect weight loss between our respondents.

› To determine how great motivation affects gym training.

We went to the fitness gym at Ipoh. We met the owner of the gym, Dr.Gobi.

We asked for his permission to do the research in the We met the staffs, Qasehgym. and the trainer, David. Akma, We had a small interview session. Distributed the questionnaires to 50 peoples in the gym Collects the questionnaire Calculate and analyze the results

The gender of our respondent who had been given the questionnaires.

Classes of BMI

Type of workout favoured by gym people to reduce weight.

Type of workout favoured by gym people to reduce weight.

Type of workout favoured by gym people to reduce weight.






2 1

20 19

25 5

Number of people who use supplement or not.

26% 74%...
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