How Greek Mythology Influenced Christianity

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Various Factors Effecting Natural Selection
Another is the tiger’s claw.
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After reading Malthus’ view, Darwin then noticed that if more organisms are produced than the ones that can survive, then they probably compete for resources. Darwin named this the struggle for existence. Darwin also knew that organisms had natural differences within their traits. He assumed that some of those are better suited to the environment. Adaptations: any inheritable characteristic that increases an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce in its environment. Ex: camouflage, tiger’s claws According to Darwin, different adaptations affect an organism’s fitness. Fitness: how well an organism can survive and reproduce in its environment. Organisms with adaptations that are well suited to their environment have high fitness.

Darwin’s greatest contribution was to describe an important process in nature, a scientific method, which could work like artificial selection. Artificial Selection: when nature provides the variations, and humans select those they find useful. Then Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species, which included ideas from Malthus, Lamarck, and some of his own ideas. Malthus came up with the idea that if the human population grew unchecked, there wouldn’t be enough living space and food for everyone. Lamarck suggested that organisms are capable of change by choosing whether or not to use specific parts of their bodies. He also came up with that organisms could pass down certain traits to their offspring, allowing species to change over time.

Darwin Presents His Ideas
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3. Survival of the Fittest: Some adaptations that organisms have are more suited to their environment than others and those are the ones that survive while the other organisms with other adaptations don’t make...
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