How Governments Intervene in the Management of Tourism Destinations

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  • Published: July 4, 2012
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Travel & Tourism
Book 3 Assessment 1

Explain how governments may intervene in the management of destinations.

In this assessment I will be looking at why tourism is so important to the UK’s economy and how the government influences tourism. I will be looking at the roles of DCMS and tourism organisation boards and local councils. I have chosen the New Forest in Hampshire to investigate how the government plays a role in the day to day running of the destination.

When I searched online, how do governments intervene in the management of destinations, I found this statement “Governments become involved in tourism either through direct action to develop facilities and areas or indirectly by nurturing organisations that foster tourism.” ( now I will be looking into this statement and find out how it is true in the destination I have chosen.

Tourism is very important to the UK’s economy with 27 million tourists arriving in 2004, and provides many jobs in the UK. “A report commissioned by VisitBritain and Tourism Alliance states that the UK tourism industry is worth just over £110 billion and employs more than 1.3 million people.” ( London is the most visited city in the world with “15.6 million visitors in 2006” ( The London Eye was the top charging attraction with “3.7 million visitors.” (

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport work with the tourism industry and the public sector to improve the reputation of the UK at home and abroad as a world class destination. The DCMS is responsible for the tourism policy in the UK and determines the responsibilities and actions of public sector organisations in key areas such as marketing and quality. This is because “the department provides much of the funding for tourism organisations. For example, the grant for 2004/05 to VisitBritain for promoting Britain overseas was £35.5 million. Further marketing was granted for domestic...
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