How Goths Contributed to the Breakup of the Roman Empire

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  • Published : August 15, 2009
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Today our group will discuss how the Goths contributed to the breakup of the Roman Empire. We will do this by raising some questions and providing the answers for our theory. The Goths were an ancient Germanic Tribe that conquered Europe’s Roman Empire. Each of the Germanic tribes divided into several branches, the Saxons, the Vandals, the Franks and the Goths, The Goths consisted of two branches that contributed to the fall of Europe’s Roman Empire, the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths. Geographic descriptions were often used to distinguish people living north of the Roman Empire, so the Goths were known as the forest people. The Goths originated from Sweden. The Western Gothic tribe, The Visigoths, first emerged as a distinct people, during the fourth century. The Eastern tribe, The Ostrogoths, migrated to Poland and developed as a distinct people over the following 300 years. There names are geographical and were used by each tribe to describe each other. They were however, multi ethnic and cannot lay claimed to an exclusive heritage. The Goths were banished from their homeland after an attack from the Hun, and were desperate enough to camp on the Danube River, from which they crossed into the Roman Empire. They then sheltered from further attacks from the Hunnic invaders, and were offered farmland by the Valens the Emperor of Rome. Famine began to take its toll and in order to get food the Goths plundered the Roman farmlands to survive. Initially, the Ostrogoths were close allies of the Hun. During the fourth and fifth century, the Ostrogoths emerged as serious rivals to Rome for control of the Danube River, but this became untenable after the arrival of the Hun Barbarians.This is a conflict all about the competition for space, the Hunnic had very defined roles for subordinate ethnic groups, and the Ostrogoths escaped the brutal Hunnic occupation and were received as settlers on Roman soil in Yugoslavia.It was a common belief that the Roman Empire would last...
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