How Global Warming Effects on the Polar Bears and Ice

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  • Published : August 24, 2008
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In the northern most world of vast ice and bitter cold, there is one resident whos mind seems to stray from the cold and settle back and enjoy it. The sad part is the animals habitat is melting at a rate none have expected to be so quick, leaving there less to enjoy.

Why is the ice melting?

I believe it is global warming, although some might debate my beliefs. I believe that the rapid change in temperatures caused by the increase of C02 Admisions is rapidly raising the temperatures of the polar bears habitat. Some argue that, we have only tracked a 1 degree temperature change throughout the earth, that is a mere change that would not send the ice melting so fast, but with some further reaserach i found that a 1 degree temperature change, is almost like a 12 degree temperature rise in the norh pole! That is definatly taking its effect on the residents that reside here.

How Much has melted?

Just four years ago the greatest recorded melt of a glacior in greenland accoured in just less than three years. A picture was taken by satellite, proving that the glacior had melted atleast 50% down. It usual 500 anual visitors (( Not many for the chilling blizzards that occur.)) have fallen to a record low of only 130 unpleased visitors. Many other glaciors have taken the effect, such as the Portage Glacior that just 90 years ago was a vast ball of snow, is now a huge blue frost bitten lake, with the reminants of tiny sprinkles of ice, failing to fight mother natures heat. Scientists in some countries have urged immediate action to the problem, while others such as the U.S have just blown it over. I agree this needs immediate action before one day all the beauitful white wonderland will just be a memory seen in the pictures of history books.

How Does this effect The Polar Bears?

The Polar Bears live on the ice, there white coat blends in well with its habitat. Its hunting depends on the ice. The polar bear will find a floting ice piece or the edge of an...
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