How Gender Is Used in Society

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  • Published : August 18, 2012
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What is Gender and how is it used in society?
Gender in the sociology book means, the behaviors and attitudes that a group considers proper for its males and females; Masculinity or femininity. My definition of gender is a clarification of whether a person is a male or female, because almost everywhere you go or everything you do the question of a person’s gender pops up. I know it might sound crazy but it’s true. When a person is filling out a form of any kind what is one of the questions asked, what’s your gender (Male/Female)? Or when a woman just finds out she’s pregnant, about three months later people are asking her, what’s your babies gender (Boy/Girl)? It’s also used in different languages. For example in the Spanish culture to indicate that their talking to a male some words often end with an “O”(chic(o)-Boy, hij(o)-son, abuel(o)-Grandfather); to indicate that their speaking to a female some words often end with an “A”( chic(a)-girl, hij(a)-Daughter, abuel(a)-grandmother). Confusion of Gender

What is Confusion of gender? Well in my words it is a person who was born a male/female, but still knowingly projects themselves as the opposite sex by ones thoughts or appearance of “him” self or” her” self. Here are a few examples: a boy wearing a dress with a Guess purse and a nice pair of hills, a girl wearing POLO baggy pants XX larger POLO shirt with a low cut, or Girls going out with girls and boys going out with boy. Now the real question is why people want to change their gender out of all things. I feel that God made you a Male or Female for a reason and that if he wanted you to be able to change it he would’ve given us that power to change it. Like Symposium Plato said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Being homosexuality I think is an “escape goat” from a person’s masculine or feminine responsibilities. I also think it’s a synonym of these following words: Insecure, Confusion and Low self-esteem. I say this because the stories I hear of why or how so people become homosexual has something to do with those words. As an example my used to be friend but now acquaintance Vivian became a lesbian because she was tired of boys treating her bad and she said that the only people that made her feel better was woman so she developed a thing for females and before I know it I see a state on Facebook saying that Vivian is now interested in girls. All I could say is a man or a woman can only do what people allow them to do. Meaning that if person allow themselves to be lied to, cheated on, or beat on and etc. it their fought for allowing it not their looks fault, nor their kids fault and absolutely not their genders fault. Save your self from hell and stay your biological gender. Gender difference between a Lady and a Woman

Women today are taking more important roles in their careers. Some women lead large companies, own their own businesses, and are very involved in their community. But there are also those women who are just laid back but I don’t consider them women, I consider them Girls, because they take on their responsibilities in life, and forget about their women hood. Girls tend to live their lives like there is no tomorrow. They attend events, and other places, not caring about the thoughts of others or their appearances. For instant they sometime always tend to disrespect themselves when it comes to appearance. They wear tight, short, revealing outfits that project low self-esteem. In contrast a woman is always concerned about their appearance; showing only what is appropriate for a male see outside doors. They take life very seriously. They see the world as a challenge that they have to go through every day whether they’re at work or at home with the family their ready to take on the challenges in life. Ladies are seen as women, but don’t act as women. Women act as themselves not someone else. Ladies put on faces for different people and do not show their true feelings. When ladies are compared to...
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