How Gardners' Theory Applies to Me

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  • Published : April 28, 2012
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How Gardners’ Theory Applies To Me
Lisa Johnson
EXP 105
Instructor: Michael Angelo

How Gardners’ Theory Applies To Me Page 1
The theory of Multiple Intelligences suggests that there are seven types of intelligences an individual has in varying degrees of strength: • Spatial/Visual
• Kinesthetic/Bodily
• Linguistic/Verbal
• Musical
• Logical/Mathematic
• Interpersonal (Social skills)
• Intrapersonal (Insight, Metacognition)
The theory implies that a person can learn more efficiently by focusing on whichever intelligence it is that’s strongest for them. It further states that the instructional methods used to learn/teach, should be suitable to each persons particular type of intelligence, as well. For example, a person with a strong musical intelligence might best learn to program a computer by trying to program a piece of music. Gardner (1999) claims we all have various blends of these intelligences. This being said, I took several self-assessment tests (, and the results repeatedly pointed to the same strengths: Spatial/Visual (My strongest)-Intrapersonal (Second strongest)- Naturalistic (Same as Intrapersonal). I thought about how all of these intelligences have helped me in the past to learn new things, and I was surprised how accurate those assessments really were: 1. I’m an artist (Visual), and I often incorporate seashells, dried flowers, etc. I’ve collected (Naturalistic), into my artwork. 2. I’ve been an avid bird-watcher (Visual, Naturalistic), since childhood. 3. I enjoy solving hidden object or ‘spot the difference’ types of puzzles 4. I’ve collected fossils/rocks/minerals (Naturalistic), for as long as I can remember and I will display them around my home or office. (Visual). *Note: Gardner (1993) researched and identified naturalist intelligence and existential intelligence as being the...
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