How Friendship Impacts an Individual's Life

Topics: Manchester United F.C., Cristiano Ronaldo, FA Cup Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Christiana ronaldo
Christiana Ronaldo was born on febuary 5th 1985 in Madeira, Portugal, a small island off the western coast country. Ronaldo had three brothers named: maria santos and jose, his father was named Ronald. Ronaldo lived in a fairly working neighbourhood, he lived in a small tin roofed shack. His early life was rough, his father who was a gardener often drank too much and, he died from kidney peoblems in 2005. ronaldos mother worked as a cook and a cleaning person, to help feed the children. His dad usede to work as an equipment manager at a boys club and that was when Christiana was first introduced to soccer. When he was 10, he was already recognized as a great player, a kid who loved to play soccer. What he all wanted to do was to play Foot ball. He loved the game so much that, he would miss dinner or sneak out of his room just to play.


many of Europes clubs wanted him on their team. Ronaldo was a junior when he played for andorinha for two years. He moved up by moving to CD nacional. christiana ronaldo moved to a higher club called sporting Lisbon. He was very progressive with the Portuguese and in 2003. ronaldo became noticed and famous around the world. Sporting Lisbon opened a new stadium and hosted one of the big clubs in the premier league Manchester united in a friendly match. The Manchester players were impressed with christiano ronaldos skill, they wanted to get him. Manchester united were willing to offer 15 million EUROS, or 12.24 million pounds, and ronaldo accepted and joined Manchester united. Christiana ronaldo took the famous david becham shirt, number 7. ronaldos first hounour with Manchester united was at the FA cup in his second season. Ronaldos time spent with Manchester united was sensational and his partnership with Wayne Rooney was a great one. Manchester united was refered to as the red devils and Christiana Ronaldo was known for (CR7)...
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