How Free Websites Make Money-a Must Read

Topics: Online advertising, Internet marketing, Click fraud Pages: 4 (1283 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Semesters have just finished .Its vacation time folks. Sitting unproductively in front of TV or computer (that’s what most of us do) how often thoughts of making money while sitting at home, engage your minds. How many of us understand that today, internet has also become a huge source of income generation apart from its primary motives of entertainment and knowledge disposal. Just take Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor one of our favorite social networking site “facebook” as an example. How often do you realize while chatting, playing games etc on it that it’s amongst the highest earning websites in the world. Ironically today most of the ‘free websites’ used by us like the google, facebook, yahoo, orkut, youtube and many others to name are maximum income generating websites. But the question is how? From where is the money coming? “Through wires”, probably an answer apt for 12 yr old but not for engineers. Then do you know the answer? If no then this article will explore you through various income generation strategies and who knows you yourself can implement some these strategies in near future. The primary source of income comes from Advertisements. The motive behind the ads of tv and internet is same that is ‘to pull customers’ but through internet its reach is not intrusive and you would inherently not realize it. The one you see on the right is one such ad. Today all sites have ads in one form or other. Ads on internet have various forms unlike television. Some of the most imperative forms of advertising are explained below. Source: 1.MIDDLEMEN ADVERTISING

Google adwords and adsense
Google Adwords is a program which collects and supplies advertisements. You as an advertiser first create an account, insert your ad, and pick the maximum amount (bid amt) you are willing to pay per click of your ad. In...
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