How Fortunate to Women Nowadays in Hong Kong

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How fortunate to women nowadays in Hong Kong.
The women appeared more than 2000 years ago. But the main important point is born in different century has big different situation for them. One of them comes from older china, and one of them comes from nowadays. Although they are same as women, there has big different between them life. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences between women 100 years ago and women today. The most notable difference between these two women is parental influence. In 100 years ago, if you are daughter, you will not able to go outside with friend, even though going to school. But your brother is able to do anything you can’t do. It is caused of male-dominated. The traditional parents always have the idea which regards men as superior to women. For instance, daughter must listen from their parents no matter the decision right or wrong. Also, almost of mothers like to teach embroidery daughter for getting marriage. Women today however, we has the independence of sovereignty and freedom, not easy to follow parents’ idea. We have choice of education from kindergarten to secondary school. We increased our knowledge to find job and earn money themselves. So women in 100 years ago has effected by parents more than women nowadays. Comparing both different women we notice another difference. There is a love factor that affects both of them. To the women of 100 years ago, they cannot date with others who they love, or their parent’s prepared blind marriage for daughter. Whatever daughter saw the betrothed before or not, it has parents promising and signed by marriage go-between, then you should get marry quirkily. Nowadays, women can have freedom of dating; meet different people who you want to. Because we can send messages or play ‘Facebook’ on internet. It is increasing choice of marking friends. Also, Hong Kong has a crazy trend. According to Figures suggested that, in recent years, the divorce rate has been...
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