How Far Was the Russo – Japanese War of 1904 – 1905 Responsible for the Outbreak of the 1905 Revolution?

Topics: Russia, Industrial Revolution, Russian Empire Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: October 23, 2012
The Russo – Japanese war did is seen as a short term factor that was responsible for the 1905 revolution, however there are many other short term and long term factors which also contribute to being responsible for the 1905 revolution. The way the Tsar ran the country, social problems, changing society inside and outside Russia, Bloody Sunday etc...

The Russo – Japanese war saw Russia lose to Japan. Russia saw itself as a great and powerful country, compared to others, Russia wanted to expand it empire over the Far East. Russia and Japan went to war over the control of China and Korea. Russia saw its military as superior; however Russia suffered a humiliating defeat. January 1905 Russia was forced to surrender their Port Arthur Naval base to North China, months after that Japanese forces defeated the Russian army in Manchuria. On the 27th May 1905, the Russian Baltic fleet had sailed almost halfway round the world; they lost 25 out of its 35 warships. The defeat was a national humiliation for Russia and the Tsar. The defeat angered people, the Tsar and the country looked weak, and people grew a lack of respect for the Tsar. This led to people wanting change to the way the country is run, by bringing in Democracy, and a change in society, by Russia going through the industrial revolution.

The Russo – Japanese war can not be seen as the only factor responsible for the 1905 revolution. Bloody Sunday can be seen as another short term factor that was responsible for the 1905 revolution. January 1905 Father Gapon led a peaceful demonstration to the gates of the Tsar’s winter palace. The guards at the palace opened fire on the demonstrators under the orders of the Duma. Nearly 200 women, children and men were killed at the gates; the majority of the demonstrators were peasants. The peasants saw the Tsar as the Father of Russia, so they went to Tsar with a petition for living conditions, working conditions, pay, food etc…

After Bloody Sunday many of the...
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