How Far Is This Speech of Agamemnon Typical of His Views and Actions Elsewhere in the Iliad?

Topics: Agamemnon, Achilles, Iliad Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: February 11, 2013
5. How far is this speech of Agamemnon typical of his views and actions elsewhere in the Iliad?

This speech, to a certain extent does show Agamemnon’s typical views and actions in relation to other extracts in the Book. Such as his quarrel with Achilleus in book 1 and also his speech in book 9, in which he again pushes the blame away from himself. However it is also shown throughout the book that this is not his typical actions or views, for example his attitude towards Achilleus in book 1 and also there is no sign of his eagerness for battle as shown in book 4, along with many other examples, this speech is not a complete summary of Agamemnon’s typical views and actions in the Iliad.

During his quarrel with Achilleus in Book 1,like in book 19, in which the passage is based, that he is frustrated and very self-absorbed. In this passage this is shown with his anger towards the Gods and also to the Argives for being ‘disrespectful’ towards the speaker. He also shows his selfishness by implying that he must be listened to and that he cannot be to blame for the misfortune that has happened between him and Achilleus. This shows both his anger and selfishness, as he is defensive towards his authoritve position. Moreover in book 1, this is also portrayed with his dismissal of Chrysies by telling her to ‘get out’ this is a prime example of his anger and also of his authority over others which her permits selflessly, not only in the previously mentioned books but also throughout the Iliad.

Another reflection that this speech is an overview of Agamemnon's typical views throughout the Iliad, is his transferal of blame onto others. This is effectively shown in Book 9, when he blames his mistakes that he has previously made regarding Achilles on the gods, just as he does during this passage in book 19. This shows that he is unable to take the blame and pushes blame onto others. This is a familiar trait found in Agamemnon throughout the Iliad and adds to his persona...
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