How Far Do You Agree That Socialist Realism Was Stalin’s Most Important Method of Social Control?

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Stalin had several methods of social control that gave him such a powerful rule in Russia that even today he still has supporters. Socialist Realism was an essential method to create this, although it was not the most important method of social control. Socialist Realism was the second most important method of social control as it was very effective, but not as effective as the Terror. Social Realism allowed Stalin to be portrayed in a positive light but it was also an attempt to use art forms to sell government economic and social policy to the Russian people. Artists were made to abandon their new methods and instead forced to create more traditional pieces of art, such as Roses For Stalin (Boris Vladimirski, 1949). This painting portrays Stalin as a wholesome and friendly leader that would appeal to the people, which is the message he is trying to give. In Socialist Realism art, policies of Stalin would be shown. A common theme for many pictures was Soviet workers striving to create a ‘better Russia’ in order to motivate workers. This included all aspects of working, such as agriculture and industrialisation. All of these works created a sense of ‘unified workers’ and encouraged them to work towards building a ‘better Russia’ as they felt it would benefit them in the long run. This allowed Stalin to enforce his policies effectively and with minimal effort on his behalf. However, this method stifled artists, writers and musicians and made them dislike Stalin as this controlling of their work went against his idea of allowing everyone to be able to do what they want. Although, it did control them and their works, making it an effective method of social control, however it was not the most important. The Terror was Stalin’s most important method of social control. This is because it essentially forced the Russian population to support Stalin or they would face extreme punishment or death. An example of this is the Great Purge, which was a large scale purge of the...
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