How Far Do the Early Problems of the Weimar Republic Suggest That It Was Doomed from the Start

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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CHRISTY .C. UKAEGBU DP1W HISTORY HL WEIMAR REPUPLIC QUESTION: How far do the early problems of the Weimar Republic suggest that it was doomed from the start?The Weimar Republic from the start faced a lot of crisis that caused the crash and the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the constitution. Some of the different early problems or crises that were faced by the Weimar republic were: Ineffective Constitution, Left-wing Rebellions, Right-wing terrorism, Invasion inflation (1923 crisis) and Munich Putsch. The Weimar Republic wasn’t that supported by the people and therefore found it very hard to implement any law or rules on the people though it had very good and promising laws in the Constitution but the people still didn’t support it. The Weimar Republic had a very ineffective constitution in the sense that their constitution gave the rights of making and passing out laws to the president and also the constitution and the system of government was democratic which meant that the President and the Reichstag (parliament) had to be vote in. Because of the fact that the Weimar Republic and constitution was democratic 28 parties were been formed and because it had proportional voting system it was hard and almost impossible to develop a majority in the Reichstag and therefore led to an often change in government. Within 1919-33 there were up to 20 different and separate coalition of government and the people who were elected didn’t usually last long in the government and the longest government lasted for only two years. Due to the chaos and disorganization that was caused be the Weimar Republic people started losing faith and hope in the democratic way of government. “The Army, led by the right-wing General Hans von Seeckt, was not fully under the government’s control.  It failed to support...
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