How Far Did the Position of Black Americans Improve in the Years 1945

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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How far did the position of Black Americans improve in the years 1945-1955? In the decade succeeding World War 2 the black citizens faced an America in which segregation and discrimination were legally enforced in all walks of life from school to public facilities. Black Americans were still seen as second class citizens deprived of rights that impacted every aspect of their life. However, after black soldiers had fought side by side with white soldiers in Europe a rise in consciousness began this in turn led to a significant start in making a change to the position of black citizens. Black Americans were appalled at the rhetoric of the war with its focus on liberty and equality seemed increasingly hypocritical when southern blacks could expect to be subjected to discrimination and lynching. Black soldiers were struck by this contradiction and thus they used the ‘Double V’ sign meaning they were fighting for two victories: victory overseas and victory over racism at home. The courage of black soldiers changed the attitude of many white soldiers, leading to an increase in consciousness in post World War 2 America. Despite the change in consciousness visual change in America seemed almost nonexistent. Throughout the decade de Jure segregation still remained prominent across the southern states, although conditions were similar within the northern states as blacks mainly lived in ghettos on the outskirts of the city, this segregation affected other aspects of life such as education. As the education system was completely segregated in 1945 this caused a division between the level of education received by black children compared to white children, demonstrated in 1949 by the difference in money spent of each child in Clarenden, California. Where $179 was spent on a white child per annum, but only $43 on a black pupil per annum, therefore causing white students to be better educated and go on to take more prestigious jobs and black students continuing on only...
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