How Far Did Improvements During the Renaissance Make People’s Life Was Better

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Renaissance, Printing press Pages: 3 (749 words) Published: October 24, 2012
How far did improvements during the renaissance make people’s life was better

There were a lot of improvements that the renaissance has made to make people’s life be much better. For me, the most important ones were first the medical, technology and last but not least the inventions, which I am going to go through it below.

The Renaissance was a great period of intellectual growth and artistic development in Europe. As part of that scientists and thinkers began to shake loose from the traditional views that governed medicine in both the east and the west. The focus of treatments was no longer a divinely ordained natural balance. Knowledge advanced through the scientific method—conducting experiments, collecting observations, reaching conclusions. Information was disseminated by means of an important new technology—printing. The roots of scientific medicine were set.

In 1543 Andreas Vesalius (1514-64), a professor at the University of Padua, published an exquisitely illustrated anatomy text. With knowledge based on extensive dissection of human cadavers, he presented the first largely accurate description of the human body. Later anatomists at Padua included Gabriele Falloppio (1523-62), who described the female reproductive organs, giving his name to the Fallopian tubes, and Girolamo Fabrizio (1537-1619), who identified the valves of the heart.

There were so many important technological advances in the Renaissance.  I would argue that one of the most important of these advances was the printing press.

The printing press was so important because it made printed materials much cheaper and more widely available than they ever had been before.  This allowed more people to become educated and it allowed ideas to spread rapidly.  This facilitated such huge social changes as the Protestant Reformation.  People across Europe were able to read religious arguments and think about them for themselves.  This led to a fundamental...
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