How Far Did Henry VIII's Reign Go in Beginning a New Era in Tudor Kingship?

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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How far did Henry VIII’s reign begin a new era in Tudor kingship?

Henry the eighth and Henry the seventh were very different in many ways, their style of ruling and aims clearly had different intentions. Henry the seventh ruled quite safely and avoided war as much as possible whilst being extremely greedy and obsessive with money. Where as Henry the eighth was young and wanted to bring back the glory days and gain a strong reputation, willing to fight and go to war at all costs, whilst being ruthless in punishments. From the beginning of Henry the eighths reign changes began to take place and perhaps a whole new era. Some aspects did stay the same from Henry the sevenths rule though.

One obvious continuity was that the Tudor bloodline had been passed along, keeping the same family ruling England. Which eliminated quite a lot of threat from keen opposition. Henry the eighth was young and healthy which was a promising thought at the time for the public. The position of men and women didn’t change either, women still had barely any rights and could night speak their thoughts or argue with men’s views. They were expected to do feminine activities and produce children who were possible heirs to the throne. As Henry the eighth needed to produce at least one heir, he decided to marry Catherine of Aragon, (a Spanish princess) after many years of weighing out other options. He used Catherine just like his father did to stabilise and secure a sturdy relationship with Spain and improving foreign relations. Another factor that was kept the same were the bonds and recognisances between the crown and the nobility, which threatened a fine to the aristocracy if they weren’t to remain loyal to the king and break his trust. These were very unpopular with the nobility, but controlled factions being formed, eliminating threat yet again. A common characteristic with both Henry the eighth and seventh was their irrational behaviour with money as they didn’t control or use it very...
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