How Far Can a Snail Travel in One Minute

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How Far Can a Snail Travel In One Minute?


We went outside and went to look for some snails. There weren’t that much but at least we found some. We found three on a tree so we brought them back in a bag. We took them out and placed them where we wanted them to be. Two were tired but the other one was ok. All snails have a different speed. So our answerer can be wrong or right. It mostly depends on the snail/snails. We tested three snails to see how far they go in one minute. We did use some tools like a ruler, a pen, a timer and a piece of paper. Each snail had a different measurement. We used the ruler to see how far they went. We also used the timer to count and we used the pen and paper to write how far they went. We did name the snails and they were named Test A, Test B, and Test C. It got very difficult because the snail kept stopping so we had to stop counting. It did get us both mad because we didn’t know it would be this hard. The snails kept taking their time or they went the other way. We did get it done but it took us about half an hour. They all had a different amount so we had to average it. Kayvon guessed 3 ¾ Inches, and I guessed 3 ¼ Inches. We both were wrong because the real answer was 3 Inches. I had the closest guess. The results were 2 3/5, 3 5/16 and finally 3 Inches. That is how we got 3 Inches. Finally we got the three snails and went outside to find them a place. It was hard because there were spider webs everywhere, so we put them right next to a bush that has no spider webs. We were finally done! The report was hard but fun because of what we got to do. I’d got to work with my friend and now I learned more as well because when someone asks me a question about a snail, I could tell him that in a heart beat. I think it was very fun and it taught us more. It is like learning something but it is fun this time!

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