How Facebook, a Social Networking Site, Affects the Quality of Adult Relationships

Topics: Mobile phone, Laptop, Coffee Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: April 23, 2013
There are many places where one can choose to go to so as can observe things that interest them. Communication is an essential aspect in life, without it, life cannot function well. Lately, most people have been taken over by social websites for interaction, such as twitter and Facebook. Adults also stay abreast in this matter as they are using it to establish and form relationships. Adults, who want to find love, mostly use the latter and those in need of expanding their businesses and careers. The locations, which I chose, were Starbucks, a friend’s house and ‘the spot’ that is hookah lounge. This are places where many people go to and as well as them being conducive for facebooking. Day 1-Starbucks

It is on the 12th day of October, in the year 2011, that I set out to go and observe the effects that Facebook has had on the adult population. According to research, over eighty percent of American adults consume coffee and Starbucks is where they obtain their favorite brew. At around seven thirty, I set out to star bucks, which is located at the city center. It is strategically positioned and this means that many adults on their way to work have to pass by. Currently, Facebook is the most popular social site in the world and it attracts even adults, who would be busy with other things. Starbucks is especially full since it is a cold morning and everyone is in dire need of coffee, which has been freshly brewed. Upon entering Starbucks, the smell of coffee is eminent and people are lined up as they wait to be served. Others are seated as they sip on their favorite brand of coffee. For the second time in a different setting, I notice that people are on Facebook. I see a familiar face and it is my friend and she has come to get coffee, before going to work. Upon seeing her Blackberry, I notice that she is on Facebook. She tells me that it is through the social networks that she keeps in touch with her other friends. This is because she hardly ever finds time to see...
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