How Effects Affects Us

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Ashley Mikle
L. Abigail Voller
EN 1113-12
8 March 2013
How Effects Affect Us:
The Effects of Reality Television
From Jersey Shore to Sister Wives and from The Apprentice to Keeping up with the Kardashians, almost everyone has a reality television show that they love to watch. There are currently so many different reality television shows that they cannot be overlooked. They are on every channel and cover many different topics. When watching these reality television shows, the audience is so absorbed by the excitement of the drama that they do not at all realize that reality television is affecting them. It is affecting how affecting how they feel, act, and perceive reality in their everyday life. Although some effects can be positive, these positive effects are no match when compared to the negative effects. Many people believe that reality television is just harmless entertainment; however, the negative effects of reality television are beginning to outweigh the positives because it distorts reality, lowers morals, and desensitizes its audiences.

Reality television has been a very hot topic of discussion during this last decade. Many articles argue the positive and negative effects of reality television. Cynthia Frisby, coeditor of the Journalism across Cultures, says “[reality television’s] basic principle is that people feel better about their own situation and enhance their subjective well-being when they make comparisons with others who are worse off,” (102). Other authors also feel that reality television can be a stress relief from the busy lives people live. They can seek comfort in knowing that someone else is going through exactly the same problems that they are but only their problems are being publicly televised. Other columnist feels that reality television only yields negative effects. They believe it exploits people and causes a low self-esteem. Aubree Rankin, analyst with the Parents Television Council, mentions that “[i]n October 2002,...