How Effective Is the Use of the Word Sir in the History Boys?

Topics: 2000s music groups, Sarcasm, Irony Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: February 11, 2013
What is the effect of the repetition of the word ‘sir’?

The way the boys continuously use the word ‘Sir’ when speaking to Irwin cold indicate many things. Firstly, in the part where the boys are trying to show off to Irwin by revealing just how articulate they are by releasing an outburst of knowledge in order to take him aback, the effort of them using the word ‘Sir’ after all their sentences could be a way of showing that the boys are aware of their intelligence, but aren’t aware of the seriousness behind it. Furthermore, the word ‘Sir’ being added to all their sentences could be a way of showing their rowdy side as they aren’t taking it very seriously and could be a way of showing they are mocking him. Another effect of the repetition of the word ’Sir’ cold be to try and press Irwin’s buttons by being over obedient and to see how far the boys could go before he lost his head. Therefore this could create the impression that by using the word ‘Sir’ so much, it could be a way of the boys testing Irwin to see how much he can actually handle. The boys are very over the top and enjoy making a scene within the lessons, so they could be trying to provoke a reaction from Irwin. So when they see that they aren’t getting a reaction from him they pursue in using the word ‘Sir’ over and over again. Furthermore, another effect of the repetition of the word ‘Sir’ could be a way of highlighting the contrast between Irwin and Hector. One way in which this could be seen is because the word ‘Sir’ is usually used out of respect which the boys probably do not have for Hector, therefore don’t call him it. However he is given the nickname Hector out of respect for him as the boys look up to him and treat him as one of them which they don’t do for Irwin. It cold be a way of showing the difference in learning styles as the word ‘Sir’ is more professional, and relates to the idea that Irwin is much mire professional than Hector, so they call him ‘Sir’ rather than his name. In...
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